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Our story

Aptember is the brainchild of my rediscovery of my childhood love of design. Tired of the restriction of my 9-5 finance job, the birth of my daughter led me to realize that I had to show her what it meant to truly follow one’s dreams. While the endless compromise of adulthood had led to my creative talents falling by the wayside, I had never forgotten how utterly right it felt to put my designs to paper. One momentous day in September, with the encouragement of my friends and family, I scraped together all my reserves of courage, and Aptember (a portmanteau of April, my birth month, and September, when I first thought of it) was born. 

Initially, Aptember imported clothes. But after much thought and planning, I made the huge step of designing and manufacturing garments in Sri Lanka, and almost nine months into Aptember’s life, the DREAM COLLECTION made its debut. Made for the discerning woman who dares to follow her dreams while looking her best, the DREAM COLLECTION featured simple, polished designs for everyday wear – the perfect encapsulation of my “minimal chic” style. 

Aptember has had its share of obstacles. I’ve had to contend with the steep learning curve of design and production, not to mention the impact of COVID-19. Aptember’s local sourcing and manufacture proved to be its saving grace as the import restrictions were put in place – our domestic supply chain and production let us continue our operations relatively unscathed. And that’s how, in a year of tremendous adversity and bad circumstance, Aptember started retailing at its first major outlet, Beverly Street.

To everyone thinking of turning their passion into profession, as someone who has been through the entire nerve-wracking process, I say go for it! As the owner of a small business that is still in the early stages of “making it”, it’s important to me to help, support, and inspire others who share the same struggle that I did. So reach for the stars, knowing that I am cheering you on, ready to support you in any little way I can.

Keep going, keep believing.

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